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You’re interested in TapIn Connect! Learn more about how to use TapIn to build stronger relationships and ensure more voices are heard in your classroom!

What position do you hold within your organization?
What Tap In features do you feel will make a positive impact in your school, choose all that apply:
Approximately, how many staff members will engage with youth using Tap In Connect?
Does your school/district have access to 1-to-1 technology (i.e. each student has daily access to an iPad, tablet, or laptop)?
Does your staff currently use an application to encourage or connect with students in the classroom?
If you decided to move forward with Tap In Connect as a recurring strategy in your school/district, what would be your approximate school/district budget for Tap In?
At TapIn Connect, we envision a future where all students know they can reach out to someone if they or someone else needs support and in turn understand they can trust the adults in their academic lives while using a non-invasive tool to connect at school.
TapIn Connect is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information. Please visit TapIn’s Privacy Policy Promise for further information about how we protect personal information in our website and the app.